Acupuncture and Weight Loss - Does it Really Work?


Many things can contribute to weight gain, from hormonal imbalances to a slowed metabolism, overeating, a lack of exercise, or sub-standard nutrition. Whatever the causes of your weight gain, acupuncture can help you lose weight by addressing issues in the body’s natural flow of energy. 

A disturbance from the flow of energy between the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that links the nervous system to the endocrine system) and the rest of the body causes a range of hormonal and neurochemical problems. Such problems can result in constant hunger, body temperature control issues and circulatory problems. 

A trained acupuncture therapist formulates an acute and comprehensive treatment plan to tackle these issues, which in turn help you lose weight and lead a generally healthier life. Here we will be taking a look at how Acupuncture can help your weight loss journey, and the benefit it has for the entire body. 


How Acupuncture Assists Weight Loss

The production of hormones that control hunger can be affected by acupuncture therapy. In particular acupuncture for weight loss can decrease the levels of ghrelin and increase levels of leptin within the body. Ghrelin – known as the ‘hunger hormone’ – is a hormone that increases your appetite, while leptin is a hormone made of fat cells that supresses your appetite. 

While acupuncture on its own will not cause weight loss, it aids existing weight loss strategies through improving the processing of nutrients, breaking down of fats and bringing greater awareness of when you are ‘full’. 

Once you quell your cravings and curb your appetite through acupuncture, you will be aware of when you are actually hungry, helping to stop you from over-eating. 


Acupuncture Weight Loss Therapy

Chinese medicine isolates four Qi points, known as meridians, which address the underlying factors causing your weight gain. These meridians are found on your ear and are known as the hunger point, Shen Men point (counteracting addiction), the stomach point and the endocrine point, which affects hormonal fluctuations. 

When Acupuncture needles are placed into these points the accompanying neurochemicals and hormones are stimulated, while blockages causing impaired function are removed. Once blockages in the flow of Qi (energy) are removed, nutrient absorption is also improved. In other weight loss cases acupuncture of the thyroid, mouth, and spleen is often needed. Regardless of which points need to be addressed, people receiving acupuncture treatment to aid weight loss often receive additional health benefits. Once a blockage in the flow of energy is released, the body is allowed to return to a balanced state giving you new vigour for life. 


Supercharge Your Weight Loss with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the best means of supporting a weight loss plan. Noticeable results are seen for most within nine weeks, although the suppression of your cravings and appetite control can be immediate. 

The frequency of your acupuncture depends solely upon your unique, individual concerns, with the most serious cases requiring up to four sessions a week. Once you have achieved your weight loss goals it is best to visit your acupuncturist three to four times per day. This ensures that your flow of energy is properly regulated, making you the healthiest that you can be.


To find out how Ines Medical can help you lose weight loss with acupuncture contact us today. 



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Acupuncture and Weight Loss - Does it Really Work?