Can acupuncture for snoring help you sleep better?

Snoring is an indication of troubled sleep; a sign that you are not getting the rest your body needs to maintain good health. Fixing your snoring problem can ensure a rejuvenating night’s sleep each and every night, in turn boosting your physical energy, mental acuity and vitality. But what’s the best way to treat snoring? 

While infrequent, soft snoring can be an irritating nuisance for both the sleeper and their partner, more serious snoring that is frequent and loud can be a sign of other health conditions such as sleep apnoea. From nasal strips for mild snoring to surgery for more extreme snoring, a range of treatments is available to tackle the issue. Acupuncture is one such treatment that is becoming more attractive for people who find nasal strips ineffective or surgery unappealing.

Through just a few sessions, a skilled acupuncturist can heal the problem at the core of your snoring. 


What are the Common Causes of Snoring

Each person is different, with a unique nervous and energetic pattern, which means each person’s physiology needs to be examined on an individual basis to pinpoint the exact cause of snoring before treatment can begin. 

However, in most cases there are a number of typical factors that bring about sleep apnoea. For many sufferers respiratory issues, nasal blockages and impairments to airflow are the prime causes of snoring. 

In other cases, the problem begins with issues relating to the pancreas, or more typically the spleen. Phlegm often causes dysfunction of the spleen due to chronic allergic reactions and an immune system deficiency. 

Meanwhile weight-gain places stress on the bowels and digestive system, which prevents nutrients from being assimilated correctly. 


How Acupuncture Can help to Stop Snoring

Depending on the cause, acupuncture can cure snoring in a number of different ways.  

• If respiratory issues are the main cause of snoring, acupuncture can reduce resistance in airflow of the nasal passages, thus stopping your snoring and facilitating healthy respiratory function. 

• If weight gain is the cause of snoring, acupuncture can be used to support your digestive system and supress food cravings, while steadily healing your snoring problem.

• While traditional medicine addresses the issue of snoring by suppressing your allergic response, Acupuncture assesses the entire body and develops a plan for relief and the healing of the underlying immune issues. For example, many allergic symptoms arise from blockages in the flow of energy from the head to the rest of the body. This causes headaches, eye irritation, a runny nose and snoring. 

It’s worth stressing that our body’s balance is essential to our emotional and physical wellness. Stress causes cortisol levels to rise and releasing latent stress will improve your sleeping, regenerative capacity and reduce inflammation throughout the body. A comprehensive analysis of your natural flow of energy identifies the areas needing healing. 


Help to stop Snoring and Improve Your Sleep

Snoring is usually much more than just an annoyance for you or your partner: it is often a symptom of underlying problems that can cause sluggishness and a generally lower quality of life. 

When you receive acupuncture for sleep apnoea, your quality of sleep and therefore your health will begin to steadily rise. 

With snoring and its detriment to your sleep being attributed to the spleen, acupuncture for snoring will also help with digestion, bowel movements and abdomen pain. It also typically transforms your complexion from pale to glowing and full of vitality. 

Once you stop snoring, you will reap the many benefits of sleeping at complete ease, and awaken with new energy and enthusiasm for life. 


To find out how Ines Medical can help cure your snoring contact us today.


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Can acupuncture for snoring help you sleep better?