Habitual abortion (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss) or Failed IVF                                               

What to do next after a failed cycle in order to be successful with the second attempt?

Although it is a sad time for patients who have just failed IVF or miscarriage, in Chinese medicine theory, this is equivalent to the first month of childbirth, which is called as "Confinement" (Zuo Yue Zi, 坐月子) in China.

What is Confinement?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a woman loses large amounts of Qi and blood during childbirth, which puts her body in a “cold” phase. So in Chinese practice, it recommends a month-long period of “confinement” for the new mother. These weeks of rest and a modified diet are intended to restore the mother’s balance and return her to full health. In addition, confinement dishes, tonics and soups not only serve to enhance the mother’s immune system and help strengthening her constitution, but also ensure that mums have enough breast milk for their babies.

For Habitual abortion (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss) or Failed IVF patients, it also is a crucial phase to build up a good conditions to be successful with the second attempt.

In China, while certain confinement practices are common, it is not a good idea to follow them blindly.


To discover the truth behind the myths from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, our practitioner, Mr Chak Hong Lui of Ines Medical, a qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Remedy is undoubtedly the right person. 

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What is Confinement