Discussion on treatment for eczema with Chinese and Western medicine


The causes of eczema are complicated, and are related to allergies or allergies from inside or outside stimuli. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that it is due to an intolerance to wind, wetness or heat in the skin. Skin lesions are pleomorphic, mostly with erythema (red spot), papules, vesicles, exudate, crusting, infiltration and chapped skin etc. Patients will generally feel itching, of different degrees, in various parts of the body, such as the ear, breast, scrotum, head, face, hands, feet, and the genital area.

Western medicine generally uses anti-histamine drugs, non-specific desensitization therapy, corticosteroid or antibiotic-based in treating eczema.

TCM mainly uses diagnosis and treatment, according to the different causes of this condition.  These causes include Wind-Heat type, Hot and Humid type, Wet Spleen type, Blood Deficiency and Wind-Dry type.

Wind-Heat type will adapt the “Modified Xiaofeng Decoction”, so as to disperse wind and heat. Prescription: Jingjie, Fangfeng, Niubangzi, Cijili, Huangqin, Kucan, Shengdi, Danggui, Gancao, etc.

Hot and Humid type will adapt “Modified Longdan Xiegan Decoction”, aimed to remove dampness and heat. Prescription: Longdancao, Huangqin, Danpi, Chaihu, Zhizi, Shengdi, Danggui, Cheqianzi, Kucan, Cangzhu, Huangbo, Shenggancao, etc.

Wet Spleen type will adapt “Modified Dehumidifying Weiling Soup”. This is beneficial to the spleen and reduces dampness. Prescription: Baizhu, Zhuqin, Fuling, Shanyao, Shengyiren, Cheqiancao, Zexie, Xuchangqing, Chenpi, Yinchen, Cangzhu, Shenggancao, etc.

Blood Deficiency and Wind-Dry type will adapt “Modified Siwu Xiaofeng Decoction”, mainly to nourish the blood, expel wind and moisten. Prescription: Shengdi, Danggui, Jingjie, Fangfeng, Baishao, Chuanxiong, Baixianpi, Duhuo, Danshen, Fuling, etc.

As well as taking an oral medicine decoction, external washing or leaching can also have a good effect. In addition, acupuncture is advantageous in treating this condition. In some cases, a brilliant Chinese doctor will be able to use acupuncture alone to cure the illness.

Furthermore, if the patient can recuperate fully during treatment, the effects will be even better. This includes not drinking alcohol, nor eating spicy and fishy foods; avoiding using hot water and soap for bathing; taking more rest and so on.

Although skin disease rarely threatens life, it is stubborn and hard to fully recover from. Patients will suffer from lingering pain and often easily give up halfway during the treatment, or they may stop treatment when they see the syndrome slightly stabilize. But in fact, although symptoms can subside, the root cause is not eliminated and is likely to rebound, leading to the patient taking a repeated course over and over again. So there is a proverb saying "Most Chinese doctors do not want to treat skin problems, doctors will flunk easily in dealing with this difficult disease, and as a result fear losing their reputation." 

A female patient came to visit my clinic recently. She had been visiting a skin specialist in Harley Street (well-known private specialists in medicine and surgery) in London for several months of which she was prescribed numerous medicines every day.  As a result of this, she spent about £6,000 to £7,000 on treatment. However, when she came to see me, her whole body was still covered in a rash, especially in her face (Figure 1) and the itching had made her unable to sleep. Feeling desperate, she came to me try Chinese medicine treatment.

Chinese Acupuncture for Eczema

After giving acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment for less than a week, this patient said that the itching at night time was mostly controlled, her sleep had improved and the rash on her face had basically regressed. Unfortunately, after the seventh course of acupuncture, as the patient thought that her symptoms had been controlled, she decided to stop the medication and not follow my advice (stop drinking during treatment). She drank a shot of spirits. The next day she had swollen eyes, a rash appeared on her face and she had itching on her entire whole body (Figure 2).  As a result, she the treatment resumed.

On her eleventh acupuncture treatment, her rash had substantially disappeared (Figure 3). Despite this, to be fully sure, I still strongly urged my patient to take two more weeks of Chinese medicine as to consolidate the treatment.


By Chak Hong Lui - Chinese article posted on Macao Daily News


Dr Chak Hong Lui of Ines Medical is a qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Remedy. If you are looking for some treatment, contact Dr Lui and talk to him about Chinese medicine and acupuncture on +853 6201 6108 or office@inesmedical.com.

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