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When it comes to amazing careers in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industry, Ines Medical. We understand everyone has a special talent and we strive to help our people make the most of their abilities in the pursuit of their career goals. After all, polite, good service and high skill are what make us a leader in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industry.

It’s the people that make the difference.

At Ines Medical it is the people that make the difference; it is the people and the service that make a TCM stand out from the crowd. We are focused on building loyalty and value with our customers through a unique blend of great service and recognition and excellent products.

Join us for an exciting career with a difference!

If you want to work in a Chinese medicial clinic and you are enthusiastic and prepared to work hard, then we will make sure you get all the training, development and support you need to build an exciting, lasting and rewarding career.


Current openings


Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor - Full Time


Required education: Bachelor's

Required experience: Traditional chinese medicine: 5 years

Ines Medical is looking for one potential Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor to join us.


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