How to eat right and manage your fertility

Infertility affects a lot of woman and their partners nowadays. While couples cannot control all causes of infertility, they can control their diet. Diet and weight management has a significant impact on the ability to conceive.

To prepare for pregnancy and enhance fertility, maintaining a healthy body condition, and choosing the right food that will create a safe and supportive home for your baby during its nine-month stay are vital.

A Body Constitution (physique) refers to a classification of human individuals into different body types, in order to provide proper guidance for creating medical, nutritional, psychotherapeutic, or exercise programs for the individual.

China has developed a constitutional view of medical purposes for more than 2,000 years. It was originated around the same time as Hippocrates proposed his idea of the “four body fluids” in ancient Greece.

It should be emphasized that in reality, people usually have a mixed Body Constitution such as a combination of "wind-cold-dampness" (The Six Evils of Chinese Medicine are : Wind, Cold, Summer Heat, Dryness, Fire and Dampness). When planning a treatment, such as diet therapy, it is necessary to consider the individual’s needs.

Our practitioner will find out your body constitution through Chinese diagnose to give you a personal suggestion. Please call 020 7386 8623 to book an appointment with Doctor LUI Clinic for Diet and Lifestyle Advice.

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The Link Between Eating and Fertility